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Divorced, Beheaded, Died: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived


I welcome you back dearest Students and hope you have had a wonderful break...

This half term you will be learning all about The Tudors and Henry VIII. 

Make sure you are doing lots of research to help you stand out in class!


I hope that you are looking forward to our visit to Temple Newsam on Thursday 4th January... Let's launch our Tudor topic and go ready to do lots of learning and finding out...

What we already know about Tudor times:


Saif - Henry VIII had six wives. One was called Catherine Howard and another was called Catherine of Aragon. One was called Anne Boleyn.


Abdullah - If you were a rich Tudor you would have worn black clothes and if you were a poor Tudor and tried to wear black, you would have been beheaded.


Laaibah - If you were a poor Tudor and you ripped your clothes, you couldn't go out and buy new ones. Therefore you had to mend them yourselves.


Ruquyyah - Elizabeth I was so powerful that when she put sugar on her teeth, the others would follow her and copy.

Visit to Temple Newsam
Picture 1 Back to the past...
Picture 2 Wow, Hasnain! Cool clothes.
Picture 3 Ladies ready for the Tudor dance...
Picture 4 Gentlemen ready for the Tudor dance...
Picture 5 So smart!
Picture 6 Wow!
Picture 7 Looking good, Mr I!
Picture 8 Ohhhhhhhhh!
Picture 9 Very posh!
Picture 10 The dance!
Picture 11 The dance!
Picture 12 Gentlemen!
Picture 13 Having fun!
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Ready - Steady - Bake

Come and look at the tasty 'Jumble Cakes' made by Year Five today (05.01.18)

Aren't they a talented bunch?!


Jumble Cakes - made and eaten by Tudors five hundred years ago. A small, sweetened cookie like pastry made using: flour, sugar, egg, mixed spices and vanilla extract. They were delicious!


If you'd like to make them for yourselves then ask any member of Year Five and they will be able to share the recipe with you!

Picture 1 Ingredients
Picture 2 Let's get busy...
Picture 3 Mixing Queen!
Picture 4 Stir, stir, stir...
Picture 5 Looking great...
Picture 6 Almost ready...
Picture 7 WOW!
Picture 8 Smell so good!
Picture 9 Ta-da!
Picture 10 Now, to eat them!
Picture 1 Amazing Jumble Cakes, eaten outside the Tudor room

Tudor Potions

Year Five decided that instead of be-heading his wives; Henry should have poisoned them... Look at the poisons they created...


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5