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Welcome to our nursery.


Nursery times 8.40-11.45am. Thank you for coming on time.



Our theme for the half term is When Dinosaurs ruled the world.

We will be reading the stories 'Tyranasaurus Drip' and 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' if you have these books at home please share them with your child.


The children have been using different materials to create bridges so that the dinosaurs can get across the river. Laraiba has made one out of stickle bricks.



Both the nursery and Reception children have enjoyed building in our new 'junk yard.' Here they are making some improvements to the wooden car.



At this time of year there are many things to celebrate. Many of them include fireworks and sparklers. Please speak to your child about the importance of staying safe near fireworks and fire.

      Image result for fireworks


We hope you have had a lovely time during all of the festivities and invite you to share photographs of your children with us.



The children enjoyed playing in the snow so much that we decided to bring it inside! They had lots of fun building snow castles and watching it melt in their hands. This also meant that children who forgot their wellington boots could still enjoy the snow.



Please talk to the children about what they have been doing at nursery and encourage them to tell us about what they have done at home.  You can help by taking them to the library to look for books and encouraging them to ask family and friends about their favourite books and what they enjoy reading.


Don't forget to tell us if you child has done something interesting or new. You can write about what they have done as a WOW moment. We add these observations to the children's records.


We will be learning  how to be independent and doing lots of work on sharing and taking turns. These are also good things to practise at home. Encourage the children to tell us when they have been sharing or helping at home and when they have managed to do things by themselves.




Please keep on helping your children by sharing books with them every day (you can borrow books from nursery).  Thank you to all the parents/carers who are doing the homework with their children - homework is often about talking, drawing pictures or letting your children help with cooking or other jobs around the house.

 We hope you'll find time to sing the songs at home with your children. Songs and rhymes are a great way of improving children's speaking, counting and confidence. They are also fun!