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What we are learning...

This half term (Summer 1) we will be continuing with fractions before moving on to geometry.  How many different 2d and 3d shapes can you think of?  What are their properties?  Can you remember the vocabulary for lines going up/down and lines going across?  

This half term (Autumn 2) we are learning the formal methods of multiplication and division  (please see the St Philip's Calculation Policy here).

We will be beginning with multiplication using arrays (rows of counters or drawings) before we move on to the grid method and then short multiplication. 


Following the calculation policy, we will be recapping division on a number line before moving towards arrays.  Some of the children may move to short division (the bus shelter method) if they are ready to do so. 


We will also be applying the mental and formal methods to measurements in mm, cm and metres.

Grid Method Multiplication

Support for your multiplication. This method would be used from Year 3 onwards.

Division Using Arrays

Support for your division.

Last half term (Autumn 1) we kicked off our maths learning with some Place Value.  This included ordering numbers, representing numbers and ensuring that we kept all the digits in their correct columns and knew what each column represents, either hundreds, tens or ones.


We also worked towards adding and subtracting using the column method including the exchanging of numbers.