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What we are learning...

This half herm (Summer 1) we are focussing on our WWII theme.  We will be writing a poem about the war, writing diaries from the perspective of a child who is being evacuated and writing a letter. 

This half term (Autumn 2) in English, we will be looking at a short clip of a story called 'The Girl and the Fox'.  We will continue with the main Year 3 objectives or organising sentences into paragraphs, inverted commas and the correct use of a and an.  There will also be a focus on the effect of their writing ensuring that the content is relevant, meaningful and that it retains the interest of the reader.


We will then be writing a report on animals which will be linked with our science topic 'Animals Including Humans'. The children will learn how to use bullet points, heading and subheadings, and continue with paragraphing in a non-fiction context.

The Girl and the Fox

A video to support your literacy. This is the first of a set of silent videos which Year 3 are using to support their own stories, particularly thinking about the description of each part of the story in as much detail as possible.

The Snowman

This is the second video that we are using to help us describe what the snowman and the boy saw on their journey to the North Pole. The children are expected to use adverbs, adjectives and powerful verbs within their stories.

We listened closely to the vocabulary used in the introduction to help to support our setting description.

Last half term in Literacy, we began our fictional writing based on Stig of the dump.  The children began to learn how to use inverted commas, the importance of using 'an' before words beginning with a,e,i,o,u and paragraphing.


The children moved on to producing a newspaper report about Stig living in his cave.  We will be revisiting newspaper report writing later in the year.