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What we are learning...

This half term (Summer 1) we will be looking at what it would have been like to live during the war, what it would have been like to be evacuated, the sort of machinery and weaponry that was designed during the time.

Autumn 2 - We will be continuing learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age.  This term we will be focussing on the Iron Age and learn about the developments humans made during that time.

You can find out more about the Iron Age in the link below.


In Autumn 1 the children learnt about the Stone Age to the Iron Age where they explored some of the discoveries by man early on in our time on earth.


We have looked at Stonehenge and will continue to consider how they managed to travel those rocks to far without modern technology.  We also looked at Stone Age art and thought about how we could tell a story in this way.