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MATHS - Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits - 1 hour


Watch this video first:

ENGLISH - Reflective Poetry Writing - 30 minutes


It is the final week of your remote home learning... This week, for English, I would like you to reflect on all the feelings you have had over the last couple of months towards being at home and away from school.


Today you will be creating a mind map to record phrases and vocabulary to help with planning your poem.


Have a look at my example and do something similar... or better!


Tomorrow you will start to plan and write your poem.

PSHCE - Self Awareness - Working in a team - 1 hour


Today I would like you to watch the two videos...


Once you have watched them, create a piece of writing which explains what team work is and how someone can be a good team player...

NEWSROUND - 30 minutes


Watch Newsround with your siblings or parents and have a short discussion about the topics that were covered in the news.


Try your dialogic talk strategies and remember to use:


* in my opinion

* i believe

* building on to ...