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MATHS - area of compound shapes

ENGLISH - analysing poems with emotions


Watch - Why is poetry important?

Record notes in your book. (remember the sub-heading)

Either read the poem - or watch the clip...

Taste the Biscuit.

AF Harrold - Taste of a Biscuit.


Once you have read/listened to the poem, I would like you to complete the opinion grid to analyse the poem.


Remember to do a couple of bullet points for each section.

Meditation and Art


Today I have merged two lessons in to one. The task is called 'Get arty' - i think you will enjoy it...



Make a recording (to send to me) explaining what book you are currently reading at home.


Give me some information on the following:


1. Name of book

2. Author

3. Genre (type of book)

4. Summary of what has happened so far

5. Prediction of what is going to happen next

6. Your opinion on the book so far