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MATHS - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (1) - 1 hour


Watch this video first:

ENGLISH - Reflections Poetry - 1 hour


Today I would like you to look at the words and phrases that you wrote down yesterday. Play around with the sentences and begin to plan and write a poem.


Have a look at mine for an example if you would like help...


The blue parts are my poem ideas - notice I start a new poem for each feeling.

PODCAST - 30 minutes to 60 minutes


What planet has the deadliest weather? How does breathing work? Tom Iwanicki from Hawaii answers why some animals are bioluminescent and what that means!


Listen to the 20 minute podcast and make notes about what you have learned... or record a video of what you have learned...

SCIENCE - Live lessons - Feet - 1 hour +


Watch this amazing clip - 30 minutes long - Hosted by The One Show's Michelle Ackerley and science presenter Greg Foot, this Terrific Scientific Live Lesson explores adaption, evolution and inheritance of living things with help from evolutionary biologist Professor Ben Garrod and CBBC's Hacker T Dog.


There are also activity sheets included if you would like to show your learning...