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Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) - 1 hour


Watch this clip first and then answer the questions and mark them before uploading please.

ENGLISH - My experience of lockdown - 1 hour +


Today I would like you to prepare a piece of writing that looks back and reflects on your time at home during lockdown.

Focus on an educational point of view...


Write about some of the following things in your text:


* the good things linked to home learning

* the not so good things linked to home learning

* how you might have changed as a learner at home

* what sticks in your mind from home learning

* what you are proud of during your home learning


Remember to use an introduction and a conclusion.


ART - up to 1 hour


This afternoon, I'd like you to continue reflecting on your experience of home learning.


Create a picture that sums up remote learning for you.


If you want to write a few sentences too that would be great.


Use the website below...


READING - 45 minutes


Continue reading half an hour (minimum - at least) of your favourite book.

Record a part of you reading and send to me.

PSHCE - returning to school - 30 minutes


I would like you to make a list of everything that you are looking forward to on your return  to school.


Perhaps you could also make some suggestions of things that you would like us to all do on your return.