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Today is a good day - because it is World Book Day.


I don't know about you guys... but I just love books!


There are some absolutely brilliant activities to do today - all book related. (videos, games, things to make etc)


I hope you enjoy them!

The activities below should take you a couple of hours - pick the ones that interest you.


1. Read the Kid Normal extract (this means a part of the text and not the whole story). Once you have read it, pick one of the following activities to do:

* create a storyboard of what has happened so far 

* create the next part of the story

* write a set of questions to ask the main character

* innovate the story to make it even better



2. Make your own book - You can make fantastic books from just single sheets of paper. Here are four ideas, ranging from simple to complex for pupils from Foundation to KS4.



3. Book day bonanza quiz - see if you are a true book worm or a bit of a squirm...

Answer the quiz questions and then work out your score - no cheating!