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MATHS - learning by video - 10 minutes - 45 minutes


Todays lesson is in the form of a video. You will need to pause the video when you want to answer the question.


Set out your work neatly and show methods please.


Remember to mark your work as you go along.


Spend the remainder of the lesson making a poster of all your maths remote learning so far.

Look through your maths book to remind yourself of what you have done...


ENGLISH - 1 hour 15 minutes

Pobble 365


The Young Detective - look at the document below to focus your learning this morning.

The Young Detective

SCIENCE 1 hour +

Experiment with liquids


The activity

Make boats that race across water, powered by soap


Experiment with different liquids to see if they produce the same effect


Learn how soap affects the way water molecules hold onto each other

MENTAL HEALTH - up to 1 hour


Look at the power of positivity document for todays learning.


Power of positivity

ART - 20 minutes



Cut up some paper scraps and make a 3D sculpture