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MATHS - Divide with remainders - 1 hour


Watch this clip first...

ENGLISH - Learn a song and retell it as spoken word (off by heart if possible)

1 hour +


Some of you may have heard the new song - Wellerman by Nathan Evans. This song is a sea shanty.


1. Record in your book what a sea shanty is...


2. Listen to the song a few times and you can record the lyrics in to your books if you want.


3. Practise saying the song out loud - listen to Miss Hollies' version to help guide you.


4. Record and upload to Tapestry.

LH - spoken version

LH - singing version

Nathan Evans - Wellerman (TikTok Sea Shanty) | Official Audio

MEDITATION - 30 minutes

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children

HISTORY - The Greeks - 1 hour


Look at the link and follow it through to learn all about Ancient Greek Gods and heroes.


Make notes and record (with drawings) in your creative book.