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Newspaper Writing

In this lesson you will be collecting information to help you write a newspaper report. The newspaper report needs to be about this moment in AJ's life.
I know that it is going to be quite challenging for some of you but I will include as many helpful sites as possible to get you going...
Don't give up and I know you will all smash this task!

1. Watch the clip - watch the event as if you were there NOW - pretend that you are a reporter (for a newspaper) Watch up to 4.34 (The Build Up) 

2. Now complete Document 1 (attached)



Watch the clip and then attempt the work in your Maths book. 


In this lesson you will learn all about discrimination and prejudices.

Q: What types of discriminations do you already know? (you might have to use a dictionary to help you with some word meanings in this lesson) 

Look at Document 1 and have a go... (see attached)



In this 30-minute live, interactive lesson, we’ll be exploring:

recognising emotions;
developing resilience and a growth mindset; and
tips for self-care.
The lesson is hosted by Young Minds ambassador and Radio 1 Life Hacks presenter, Katie Thistleton, who is joined by our special guest, clinical psychologist Dr Hazel Harrison. 

Watch the above lesson and then have a look at the activities.