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MATHS - Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit - 1 hour


ENGLISH - 1 hour and 30 minutes


Last week, you were asked to look at a website giving information about people who struggle with anger.


Today I would like you to use the information from this website to help you make a poster (information) aimed at younger children (Y3). Guided them through:


* what anger is

* what anger looks like

* why anger happens

* how they can deal with anger

MEDITATION - 20/30 minutes

READING - 20 minutes


Listen to the podcast about Greta Thunberg.

Make notes so that you really take the story in.


Plan and design your own samba instrument


If you would like to do this lesson in parts / over a few days... you can do.


I would like you to watch the YT clip, which shows the different types of samba instruments.


Use the planning sheet to plan your samba instrument.


Make the instrument - take photographs throughout the stages of making.


Evaluate your instrument using the evaluation sheet.

Samba Instruments

Samba instruments - take note of the names