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MATHS - Assessment - 45 minutes (plus mark it yourself)


Today I would like you to have a go at this Maths Arithmetic Assessment. Have a go at all questions.


Mark it at the end.


Use the answers to see if you can see where you went wrong...


Good luck...!

ENGLISH - plan and write a story - 1 hour


I would like you to look at this image and think about a story you could write...


I would like you to watch these clips first to give you some ideas before writing. (let's call them top tips...)

COMPUTING - 1 hour


This week is Safer Internet Week. It is super important that when we go online we are fully informed about the risks that might occur...


Take for example information... is everything you read true? NO!!!!!


Watch this clip.

I would like you to upload a video where you share some facts. Some of them must be true and some of them false.


Watch this video first and you can see how these children went about making their videos...

MUSIC - 1 hour plus


This Ten Pieces Party Live Lesson features the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conductor Clark Rundell and globally acclaimed pianist and composer Julian Joseph.


It's geared towards children with little or no musical experience and is designed to provide them with the simple tools and skills to try out musical composition for themselves.

The programme explores aspects of rhythm, melody, tempo and dynamics through three pieces of music from BBC Ten Pieces:


Activities to try with this lesson