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Use the above video to help launch todays lesson.
If the video doesn't work, please use the powerpoint.

Then have a go at the learning task.

There is also a 'True/False' question for a bit of fun...




English - Running On Empty - Newspaper article writing


Today I would like you to have a go at writing a Newspaper Article. Write the article as if you were the reporter in the stadium - watching Usain Bolt. Use the newspaper template to help.

Try googling different types of news article - but only ones for children (much easier)

This link gives a clip and some more ideas around writing a newspaper. Remember that this is a draft and you can improve it tomorrow if necessary. 



* chapter one audio clip added



Please use your blue handwriting work book (sent to you last week)

Aim to complete the pages including letters - (a c d)

If you would like to spend a little longer on your handwriting because you find it tricky ... write some longer sentences.
You could even keep a diary...



Creative - South America - Country and Continent


Use the attached learning task to guide your work today. 



Catch up on everything that has been going on in the world lately...