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Maths - Divide by 10, 100, 1000


Start by watching this clip - or - use the attached powerpoint to guide you through. 

Then have a go at the worksheets.

Try the true/false question at the end of the lesson.

Remember to mark your work and then upload the evidence.



English - Running On Empty - Edit and Improve


Today you need to look at your newspaper article and have a go at improving it.

Here are some top tips when editing:

Read your work - from beginning to end

Underline anything you think could be better

Re-write above where you have underlined

Include an introduction

Include some quotes

Include key facts and information

Include a summary

Re-write again



Have a look at a website which shows the flags of the South American countries.

Then have a look at the art skills document and spend some time applying the skills to help you imitate the flags.

Do one final masterpiece flag. 



- Podcast - Why Do We Dream?


Click on the link - 

The following is a podcast - have a think what a podcast might be...?

Have a listen and if you find out anything interesting... please record it in your topic book.

Have a look around the website because there's loads of other interesting podcasts.