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Morning everyone... I am so sorry that I can't be in school teaching you today. Sadly, some people in my family are poorly and need to go for Covid-19 tests, so I am having to isolate.


I will be back very soon though.


Today you will have Mrs Ahmed teaching you - so be good and work hard.


PS - don't worry about the Robo-bug competition; I will judge it when I am back.


Miss Hollies

Wake-Up Shake-Up

Well, it's the Wake-Up Shake-Up!

MATHS - Mixed numbers to improper fractions


Watch the video first and then work through the work sheets.

Today I would like everyone to sit in mixed pairs.

Mrs Ahmed please split the children in to groups that you think will work well together.

ENGLISH - Using dialogue


Who can remember anything about dialogue? 


Share what you know with each other and then the rest of the class.


Think about the story 'The Cyclops' - discuss where there was dialogue. Record some examples on the whiteboard (Mrs Ahmed).


Model something like this (multiple sentences within dialogue)




I knew something bad was about to happen... "Pssst!" I whispered to my chief in command. "What boss?" he whispered back.

"I have an idea. I'm not sure it will work... But we need to get to the back of the cave. Right now!"



Explain to the class that I have written Odysseus as saying MORE THAN one thing but within the same dialogue - I can do this because I have used multiple punctuations.



I would then like them to practise writing some of their own - linked to the Cyclops story and peer mark.

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Please use the red books again and discuss presentation (some people's work was messy last week)


Open the Chimp Session 2. (I have emailed you this Mrs Ahmed as the document was too large to upload here)


Navigate through - discussing and recording.



Children can read for the final half an hour (if needed)