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Use the following website to help you before you attempt the learning sheets for today...



AJ and his family need something nice to happen - to take their minds off of the death of their Grandfather recently...


This story is set in London.


Spend this morning researching London attractions and find somewhere fun that the family could visit.


You will need to ensure that your information is very clear...


Things to consider:


* where is the place?

* what can they do there?

* how much will it cost?

* how can they get there?

* will they need food?

* timings?

* things they might need to take?

Helpful tips and tricks from LH



Although this was an activity for October, I'd still like you to have a go... It looks a lot of fun and should get you thinking about feelings and emotions.


Have fun.

SCIENCE - volcanoes


This week we are making a link with Science and Geography. Did you know that there are many volcanoes in some of the South American countries that we are studying...?


Why don't you see if you can name any?


Firstly - let's look at volcanoes in general...

Watch these clips and make notes in your creative book.,magma%2C%20erupts%20to%20the%20surface.&text=When%20rock%20beneath%20the%20Earth's,it%20becomes%20molten%20or%20liquid.&text=Rocks%20formed%20from%20lava%20cooling%20are%20called%20igneous%20rocks.


Secondly - you MUST ask an adult to help you, when making the don't want to blow up your whole street... :-0