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This week you will be continuing your learning on perimeter.


Please use the information links below to remind / help you.

Why don't you try some of the activities on this website - they are quite difficult but I know some of you like a challenge...


Listen to chapter 8 (Beating Usain Bolt) and chapter 9 (Secondary school).

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

AJ and Crystal are best friends.


Today I would like you to make up a story. Make sure you look at the check list first... (which will give you some advice and help)


1. Write a story about AJ and Crystal - going on a school trip (Art Gallery or Museum)


2. Write in the first person (you will need to be either AJ or Crystal)


3. Ensure your story has an interesting starter.


4. Consider: *Where? *When? *Who? *What?


5. Make sure something actually happens in the story (problem)


6. End your story on a positive note


I have attached a WAGOLL to help - if you are struggling (just innovate mine) (if you want a challenge - invent your own)



South America - 

To create South American art work in the style of David Hockney


Download the app 'Brushes' - if you can't, use the Paint app on your computer.


Look at the iPad art website to help give you some inspiration: