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As you have already written non-chronological reports, we will be looking at a 'river' based book called 'Journey to the River Sea'.  We will be focussing on grammar and features of writing such as expanses noun phrases, fronted adverbials and inverted commas for direct speech.


Learning steps...

Write an introduction which includes a character and setting description using expanded noun phrases.  Try to describe characters through their action.  Example:  The boy's messy brown hair bobbed up and down on the surface of the water.

Write a build up (the problem).  Begin to include inverted commas for direct speech.

Write a climax (the exciting part - fight, chase) which includes exclamation marks and adverbs.  Use short, snappy sentences. 

Write a resolution which includes the feelings of the character including more inverted commas. 

Write an ending (we will learn about different types of endings).

Write paragraphs.

Include fronted adverbials.

You can add embedded clauses.