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EYFS - Nursery and Reception

Hello Nursery and Reception children,


We will posting activities for you on this page over the coming weeks. 


If you have any questions or just want to say hello then we are just a message away following the link on the school website.


Take care


The EYFS Team


Dave the dog is worried about Cornavirus


A book to read to your child to help them understand what Coronavirus is and what is happening.



Log on details:-   username:year r stp  password:YearR@STP



Ideas For Home

Use your toys to tell a story.

Make a story book by folding a piece of paper and record your story using pictures or words.

Have fun telling your story to everyone in your house.smiley

Try out some SUPER SCIENCE on page 12 of the Early Years Home Learning Collection link on this pageenlightened




Go on a shape hunt around your house. How many rectangles can you find?


Nursery - Can you draw the things you find?


Reception - Can you write a list of the things you find? 


I have just been on a shape hunt in my living room and I found a photograph frame, a DVD box and a book.

What did you find? 


Chase The Rainbow 


Many children are connecting across the country by creating colourful rainbows and displaying them in their windows.  It is thought that the trend started in Italy and is now spreading across the world. 


Create a rainbow using coloured pens, paints or collage materials and display the rainbow in your window. Why not use your one form of exercise a day to go on a walk with your family down your street to see if you can spot any rainbows. Have fun! 


Please share your rainbows by emailing us a photo or on Twitter using  #chasetherainbow 


Have a lovely Tuesday! 


The EYFS Team 



Enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk with your family (practising social distancing measures if you comes across others whilst you are out). 

Whilst you are out talk about -

What you can see?

What can you hear?

What can see smell?


When you get home draw a picture of something you saw whilst you were outdoors today.


Nursery Phonics Game

Go on the Phonics Bloom website and play the 'What's Behind The Door?' game.

Can you listen to the animal sounds and tell your grown up which animal you can hear?


Grown ups, let's make this fun, try tricking your child, say the wrong animal name and see if they can correct you!


Have Fun!