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Fri 12th Feb 2021

Reading (60 minutes)

By now you should have read all of Cole's Kingdom.
Read through your summaries of the chapters.

What did you enjoy about the book?
What could have been better?

Write a short review of the book (three paragraphs).

Paragraph 1: a quick overview of what the book is about but no spoilers - that means you should not give away major pot details.
Paragraph 2 - write about the book's good points
Paragraph 3 - what could have been better

If you still have time, you can draw a picture based on the story.



English (60 minutes)

Today is your final hour on memorising The Jumblies.

Again, have three sessions of 20 minutes spread across the day.


Maths ( 60 minutes)


Starter (30 mins). Complete the statistics problems. Two of the questions are pie chart questions. This video should help with them:  If you still find the pie chart questions too difficult, do not worry. We shall cover that topic when we are back in class together. The answers are provided; mark your own.


Main: arithmetic test 6 (attached). Answers provided for self marking. [30 mins]

If you have time, have a go at the times table test. Make sure to note how long it takes you.


Art (90 minutes) 


Drawing a rose.

Watch this video: 

On a second viewing, follow along - pausing as necessary.

Have two or three goes. Practice is the key to success in art.

If you have time left, go back to one of the previous art videos you have been set and have another go at the picture.


Spelling (30 minutes) 


Have a look over the spelling list 5, which was set last week.
A copy is attached.
Get an adult to test you on them.

This half term you have had 100 spelling words.
Spend some time over the half term holiday revising any of the words you found difficult.