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Fri 15th Jan 2021



Our next block of English work will be on science fiction.

Read the attached text, The Black Hole.

Read it through at least three times.

The first time, just read it through as you would a normal text.

The second time, read it through and highlight any words you don't know the meaning of.

The third time, read it through and try and work out the meanings of the words you have highlighted. Then check them in a dictionary. Note down the word and its correct meaning. Also write down a sentence using the word correctly.

Finally, answer the questions. Remember to refer back to the text to get your answers: this is not a memory challenge.





Yesterday, you should have read about - and made some notes  on - how to calculate the volume of a cuboid.
Do the same again, using the video linked below. 

Then, have a go at the attached questions.

As usual, Section C is the hardest, followed by section B then section A.

Attempt whichever section is at the right level for you. Remember to show all your working out. It can also be useful to draw a small sketch of each shape.



History - Crime and Punishment


Read the presentation on crime and punishment in Tudor times, making notes.

The work for today is in three sections: A, B and C.

Worksheet A is the easiest, and Worksheet C is the hardest.

You only need to do one of the sheets - A, B or C. If you have time, you can do more than one - but only if you want to.

For Worksheets A and B, you need to read the information sheet with the same letter. If you are having a go at section C, you should read information sheet B but will also need to do some research online, with the help of an older sibling or an adult.

Remember to upload your work onto Tapestry, and to glue your completed sheet into your lined exercise book.




Ask someone in your household to test you on last week's spellings.

Attached are this week's spellings.

I have also put these spellings in a list on 

If you would like your login details for that website, please ask an adult in your household to email me.

They can use the form at the link below: