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Fri 19th June 2020


You should have finished your story.

Spend today's session reading it back to yourself.  Do this two or three times, aloud.

It should help you spot mistakes, or places where you can improve the text.

Once you have your final version, youc an illustrate it, or produce a "best/publication" verson to really showcase your work.




Today's work is on converting between miles and kilometres.


1 mile = 1.6 Km (approximately)


So, 10 miles = 16km


and therefore:  5miles = 8km


To convert from miles to kilometres, we multiply by 1.6.


To convert from kilometres to miles, we divide by 1.6.  

At KS2, the best way to divide by 1.6 is to re-write 1.6 as 1 and 6-tenths, and use your knowledge of how to divide fractions.


Have a go at the sheets.





From this half-term, you should have plenty of science notes I have asked you to make.


Let's get a bit secondary school: spend some time learning your notes, so you can  say you really know this stuff.