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Fri 22 May

Today is the last day of the half-term, and also the last Friday of Ramadan.

In sha Allah, these weeks of lockdown have treated you well.  But I know it has been a difficult time for some.  If this is the case for you, or your family, do remember that we at school are still available, and will try to help however we can.  It may just be you need to talk; in any case, we are here for you.  

And, of course, after Ramadan comes Eid.  I pray you all have a joyful and blessed Eid, different though it will be in these days of social distancing and closed mosques.

And now, what you've all been waiting for.  The main act.  Today's work! 



Retell the story of Treasure Island from the point-of-view of Jim Hawkins. 

More amibitious writers may want to try telling the story from the point-of-view of another character.  Be warned: this is much more difficult. 

This English work will take more than one session - you will have to do some of it over the next two holiday weeks. 



Do the arithmetic test.  As ever, answers provided. 


That's it for today - the English work is quite demanding of time, so I've left you with only two subjects.  If you do want to do something else, draw some pictures to go with your re-telling. The BBC page containing Treasure Island may help: you could copy some of the illustrations from the animation.