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Fri 26th Feb 2021

Reading ( 1 hour)

Read chapters 9 and 10 of Anders Arnfield, and answer the questions.


English ( 1 hour)

You should have some notes on another Wallis and Gromit contraption, based on a video you watched yesterday.

Using these notes, the examples texts you already have, and the features lists you were previously provided, I want you to write an explanation text for this third contraption.

Perhaps the most important thing to make sure of is tense: make sure you use tense properly. The vast majority of this text (if not all of it) should be in the present tense.

Also pay attention to full stops and capital letters, which some of you are starting to slip up on.

Remember to upload your work to Tapestry.


Maths (45 minutes)

1) Starter Sheet 4
2) Complete an arithmetic test, from one of the printed tests in your park (delivered this week). Spend thirty minutes on this and mark your own work.


Science/PSHCE (90 minutes) - The Brain


Carry on with your poster/leaflet on the brain.


This should be an informative and attractive piece of work. The documentary you watch was a fact-filled film, so I would expect lots of info in your work.