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Fri 26th June 2020



You should have finished reading Boy 87.

I want you to write a quick book review. 

Have a look at the book review sheet.  Print it off if you can.  Otherwise, just do it on paper, using the same headings. 






Today's session is on angles.


You need to know the following.  Look up what you need to online.


1) Angle sum of a triangle

2) Total of angles on a straight line

3) Total of angles around a point

4) Vertically opposite angles



Using the four angles facts, complete the crossnumber puzzle.  A crossnumber puzzle is just like a crossword puzzle, but the answers are numbers (written as figures).


Again, don't worry if you have no printer.  Write down the question (1 down, or 7 across, or whatever) and the answers. 




Boy 87 is, as you know, set in Ethopia, which is a country in Africa. 


Ethiopia is a Christian country, but has a significant Muslim minority (about a third of the population). There have been Muslims in Ethiopia since the time of the Prophet (pbuh).


So, here are a couple of tasks.



Look at the map of Africa.  Print it out if you can.  Find each of the countries listed. 

If you have the print out, label it.  Otherwise, work with an adult and see if you can learn where at least the following 5 countries are:  


a) Ethiopia

b) Egypt

c) Morocco

d) South Africa

e) Somalia


For bonus points (but no prize, sadly), see if you can memorize their capital cities.




Look at the picture of the Negash Mosque in Ethiopia.


Draw it.