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Fri 29th Jan 2021

Reading and Spelling

Spend at least 20 minutes on some private reading.

Then, read chapter 9 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer (20 minutes)

Follow along with this video (  and complete Jazz Harper Sheet 10.

Later today. read through Chapter 10 of Jazz Harper. There's no video for that chapter, unfortunately. (10 minutes)

Spelling: 20 minutes
Have an adult test you on Spelling List 3 (attached, for your convenience). 

Spelling List 4 is attached, for next Friday's test. If there are any words you do not know the meaning of, look them up in a dictionary.



The tasks in today's session have been given letters: A, B or C.

A is an easier version of the task than version B.
Version B is easier than version C.

It is up to you to decide which version to attempt.

Task 1 (20 minutes): Space - read the passage and fill in the blanks. You either have to choose a word from the brackets or from the list of words at the foot of the page. It is not necessary to copy out the entire passage; if you (or your parents!) feel you need some handwriting practice, it may be useful to copy out a few sentences in full.

Task 2 : Reading and questions on British astronaut Tim Peake (30 - 45 minutes)
Read the text twice through before attempting any questions. And feel free to use a dictionary during the task.

I know there has been a lot of reading today! It may be a bit tough, but it is all good practice to get you secondary school ready.



Task 1 (30 minutes, test conditions) - Arithmetic Test 4. Attached. Mark your own.

Task 2 - (30 minutes - though not necessarily all in one sitting) Read through the attached document on properties of quadrilaterals. Learn the vocabulary included, and the properties of each type of quadrilateral. Remember to keep testing yourself, or get a family member to test you.



Read the attached presentation on micro-organisms. Make notes on what you read. (30 - 40 minutes)

Then, carry out the mould investigation (sheet attached) You will need the following:
two slices of bread
food bags

DO NOT carry this investigation out without adult supervision. The adult will make sure you do not place the bread in an unsuitable place. For example, it is very important that you keep the bread in a place that a younger brother or sister can get to it.

So, if an an adult can not help you with this you will not be able to carry it out.

Keep returning to your work over the next few days, to record your results.