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Fri 5th Feb 2021


Read chapter 5 of Cole's Kingdom.

Do you know the meaning of the following words:

embers (p.62)
plinth (p.64)
flanked (p.66)
gauge (p.66) - a verb in this context, not a noun
scouring (p.69) - this has nothing to do with cleaning in this context !
ramshackle (p.71)
trinket (p.75)

Write a summary of what happens in this chapter.

If you have any time left, do some private reading.



Think back to Julian Jones.

This was a science fiction story. But you will have noticed that the story was more about Julian's character and personality than it was about aliens and ray guns.

Often in science fiction, the main events of the story occur because of some technology not working quite as was expected.

For example, in the famous nineteenth century novel "The Invisible Man" by H G Wells, invisibility causes more problems for the main character than it solves.

HG Wells wrote lots of science fiction, including The War of the Worlds. In that novel, Martians try to Invade the Earth but their invasion causes more problems for them than they can foresee ...

Watch the following video, which also tells the story of an invasion gone wrong: 

Next, I want you to use the story mountain to analyse the film. As before, the story mountain is provided in an editable and a non-editable version.

Then, I want you to retell the film as a written story.

Remember to take your time over this: there is no rush. You should add plenty of detail to your writing. I would expect at least 2 pages of A4. In fact, I would rather you spent 40 minutes writing a detailed story and only got as far as the problem/climax. That would be better than a rushed piece which "finished" the story.

Better pieces will allow the characters' personalities to come through.



Attempt arithmetic test 5.

Spend 30 minutes on this and mark your own. 

Also spend 30 minutes on the Copter Coordinates sheet. If you don't know how to plot coordinates , watch this video:


Spelling (30 minutes)

Ask an adult to test you on spelling list 4 (attached).

If you prefer, you can use the sound file which is on Tapestry.

Spend some time in the coming week learning spelling list 5.
I would suggest that you learn 5 new words every day, in addition to revising the previous words on the list.

So, today learn words 1 to 5.
Tomorrow, learn words 6 to 10 and revise 1- 5.
On Sunday, learn 11 to 15. Revise 1 to 10.

And carry on like that. Feel free to have a day off spelling work on one day a week (or two days if you are a strong speller).



You should have been trying to grow some mould on some slices of bread.

Read the attached presentation. Make some notes as you go through and make an effort to try and learn any new vocabulary items.

Complete the Mouldy Bread Conclusion sheet.