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Fri 8th Jan 2020



Re-read your notes on Macbeth.  


Now, spend some time - at least 1 hour  - planning and writing a re-telling of Macbeth. 


Try to write the equivalent of 3 pages of your (smaller) exercise book. If you have smaller or larger than average handwriting, you will have to write fewer, or more, pages. 


Do not feel that you have to finish the story - I would expect you to get no further than the King's murder.


Make sure to draw the reader's attention in with a good opening - remember that we can start a story with DESCRIPTION, ACTION or DIALOGUE.


If you do use dialogue, make sure to pay attention to dialogue punctuation.  If necessary, look up the rules first - on the Web. 





Starter: write down as much you can about 2D shapes. Then, work through the following webpage:


In your pack you have a photocopied sheet (pp.96 and 97) on calculating areas.

This is something we have already covered in class, last half-term.

Remember that we calculate the area of a rectangle by multiplying its width by its length. 

For help with compound shapes, watch the first 5 minutes of the video linked below:


Try as much of this maths as you can - but do not spend more than 45  minutes on the quesions. 


As usual, the answers will follow - on Monday.




In your pack you will find some pages on food chains.  I want you to read through these.  Then, make some notes on what you have read.  Try to learn  your notes.


The best way of checking you have done this properly is to try to write everything you know about the topic, without looking at your notes.  

Then, compare your work with your notes. 

You should have the same information down twice  (though you may have used different wording). 

Repeat this later in the day. 




Learn the spellings and meanings of the following 20 words:


courteous; courageous ; museum; unusual; suggest; rescue; virtue; issue; procession; succession; skilful; pitiful; welfare; fulfil; ceremony; siege; salmon; Egypt; absurd; theatre


Here is a link to an online British English dictionary, which may also help with pronunciation :


Bookmark this dictionary on you web browser, if you can - it is very useful. 

Learn these spellings over the coming week, and ask someone to test you on them on a daily basis.