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Friday 10th July 2020

Task 21- English 

Look at the book A Sweetcorn Salad (Monday's daily 5) 

Hold and write these sentences. 


Chop up the egg and tip it in. 


Pour some salad dressing into the bowl and mix it up.


Task 22- Phonics 

What is this sound?


What are the matching pictures? Can you describe the pictures?


Then use Special Friends, Fred talk and read the matching words. 



Task 23- Maths- Colour a fraction. If you cannot print the sheet then draw the shapes first. 

Task 24- PE

Cosmic Yoga


Task 25- DT/English

Write a recipe of how you made your breakfast the day before. Use the book A Sweetcorn Salad to help you write a recipe. Remember you need to tell me what ingredients you used. How you did it. Use numbers for your steps and use bossy verbs (put, pour, chop, mix). Also use time connectives (first, next, after that, finally).