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Friday 10th of July

1. Continue looking at really heavy objects and how we measure their mass using 'Kg's

print it out here

2.  Read with an adult.  Afterwards think of your favourite part and then act it out. 

What does your character say? 

What actions does your character do?

3 and 4.  Here is your 'get moving' and your 'Spag' challenge.

Create a list of all  the actions that you can do.  Write them down and then practice the action.  How many can you think of?  Then afterwards; could you write them all down in the past tense?

Here; let me get you started:

1. skip   skipped 

2. jump    jumped

3. run   ran


I bet that you can't think of 10!!!

5.  Check out today's daily bitesize website and choose one of the three lessons.