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Friday 17th

Today is the last day of the school year.  Normally I'm happy, because I'm tired and ready for a break; however today I'm quite sad as I know I've missed out on making so many memories with you all. I wish the year could've ended with us altogether, but it wasn't meant to be. Have a wonderful summer and make lots of memories with your precious families and friends and I'll see you in September. Keep safe and stay strong Mrs Sykes X

1.  Go onto TT rock stars, and remember if you don't have your log in details; today is your last chance to ring school for them.

2.  With it being the last day, read your favourite story either to yourself or a friend.  But the most important part is to enjoy it!


3.  Go on a hunt to find something which starts with every letter of the alphabet.  Don't do the alphabet in order - because that will take forever! Write down the alphabet and then write each item next to the letter as you find it. 

a=ant               g           m              s              y

b                       h            n              t              z

c                       i             o              u

d                       j             p= pen     v

e                      k            q              w 

f                       l              r              x


4.  It's the last day; play your favourite running game; it could be football, tag, cricket.  Whatever it is - enjoy it!  

5. Finally check out today's BBC bitesize and chose one of the three lessons,