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Friday 22nd January 2021


Read Chapter 4 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer.

You can follow along with this video: 

Complete Jazz Harper Sheet 5, which is attached.

Leave the activity, mentioned at the end of the sheet, for the afternoon.





Ask an adult or sibling to test you on spelling list 2 , from last week (attached).

Learn Spelling List 3, attached - for a test next Friday.

As usual, make sure you know the meanings of the words.

Remember that the spelling list for the week is also on Spelling Shed.



By now, you should have a report written on lions.

Now, you need to use the skills you have practised in writing that report to write a new report.

I want you to imagine you discover a never-seen before animal, while you are exploring Mars as an astronaut. (I know there is no life on Mars in real life! We're just imagining here.)

You need to bring together the following:

1) Your report-writing skills
2) Your knowledge on Mars - what sort of creatures would you expect to see in such an environment?
3) Your recent work on animal classification; what sort of creature would this be? Will it fit into the types of animals we already have? Or will it be a whole new classification, previously unknown to mankind?

Once you have written the piece, leave it for at least an hour before re-reading for corrections and editing.
Once you are happy with your piece, feel free to add illustrations.



Do Arithmetic Test 3 - see attached sheet. Do this in test conditions. Give yourself 30 minutes.
Answers are provided, so mark your own.

Next, watch this video on rounding. 

Make some detailed notes on how to round.

Then have a go at the attached rounding questions. The answers are also attached, for self-marking.



Design a Futuristic Classroom


Following on from today's Jazz Harper reading, I want you to design the classroom of the future.

Design your classroom on paper, with a labelled diagram.

If you can, build a model of your classroom too.

You can use whatever you have at hand to build your model - including junk modelling materials.

Junk modelling materials include:

• egg cartons
• plastic bottles
• cardboard packaging
• plastic packaging
• empty kitchen roll
• empty cereal boxes

Remember to upload images of your work.