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Friday 27th March 2020

1. Maths 


In your home learning packs you will find some maths sheets to complete. Please complete Lesson 5- Measuring capacity. 


2. Science 


Watch the animals live from 10am at Chester Zoo. Can you name the animals? Are they a carnivore, herbivore or a omnivore? What type of animal are they? Are they a mammal, fish, reptile, amphibian or bird? Write facts about the animals you see in your yellow book.


3. Phonics


Today's sound is 'oo' poo at the zoo. What words can you think of with 'oo' in?

Yesterday you could have had: blow, snow, throw, arrow. 




Write 3 sentences about what is happening in this picture.




5. Reading


Write a book review about one of the books you have read this week. Use the template below to help you.