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Friday 27th of March

Morning Guys and Happy Friday!

Answers to yesterday's maths pattern: the missing numbers started at 9 and went down in ones - 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Daily Five

1. Think of a question that you want to find out about your family. 'What my family's favourite . . . . ?' colour, food, animal, hobby. Collect the data and create a graph.  If there are not many people in your house then ring up your grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins.  I bet that they would appreciate a phone call from you!

2. Read for 10-20 minutes, then draw a picture to explain what it is you have read about.

3. Have you mastered skipping forward yet?  Get outside; are you improving?  If you can skip, could you skip using only one leg - just like hopping!

4. Does it float or sink?  With an adult hunt around the house for 6 items which they don't mind getting wet (coins, pegs, egg cup, hairbrush, teaspoon, hair bobble).  Make a prediction as to whether they will sink or float.  Then test it by placing it in the sink with water in.  Were your predictions correct?

5. Use the bright light outside to create shadows.  Place items in the window sill or place them outside .  Use a pencil to sketch the shadow it creates.  

Hope that you're all well!

Missing you all and your smiley faces!

Mrs S x