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Friday the 1st of May

Wow we're into the 5th month; May!

Happy Friday - wish I could say that to your face!

Here's today's Daily 5.


1. Have a go at completing the inverse grid, one has been done for you.

2. Yesterday I asked you 'How many press ups can you do?'  Repeat; can you do more than yesterday?  Now add sit ups.  How many sit ups can you do?


3.  Read a story (fiction), can you then act it out in a play and perform it to a family member.  You will have to improvise ( that means solve problems to make it real); because if there's more than one character- you're going to be very busy!



Do you remember our science investigation?

4. We had 5 identical pieces of bread, but 5 different people touched them. Each persons hands were in a different state.

1. dirty hands

2. washed with soap and water

3. used antibacterial gel

4. washed with only water

5. normal hands

The bread allowed the germs to live on the bread.  Take a closer look to what the bread looks like!

Explain to an adult what this investigation tells us!

5. Check out today's BBC bitesize lessons.