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Some of you haven't been able to get onto the MangaHigh live YouTube lessons on time so I will be adding their learning video to this website each day which you can watch at any time.


Please make sure that you are doing the MangaHigh work.  It is a great way of learning.  I will be reducing the time you have to complete the activities to 2 days so that you keep up with it.  You must try each activity at least 3 times so the computer can work out whether to make the work easier or harder for you. 


I will be monitoring who is doing what and contacting anyone who isn't attempting the work and those who are struggling and giving more work to this who find it easy. 

Live Maths lesson - age 9 to 11 - Record measurements

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Page 2 is the easiest, page 3 is harder and page 4 is the hardest.