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Mon 15th June



The story of the Pedlar's Dream was about trust and faith.  Jack had trust and faith in the dream, and so was able to be successful after doing some work (in this case, travelling and waiting, despite the hardship).

The merchant in the town had a similar dream, but did not have trust and faith: his lack of action led to him missing out.


I want you to plan a story in which someone takes some advice, and so manage to succeed where previously they have failed. 


Today, all you have to do is plan the story.


Use the usual five sections: introduction, build-up, climax, resolution and ending. 




We are revising how to find fractions of amounts and quantities today.  Can you remember how to do this?  The sheet contains word problems.


Example: to find 2 fifths of 70, first you have to notice that the denominator of the fraction is 5 and that its numerator is 2. 


DIvide 70 by the denominator = 70 divided by 5 = 14


Now, multiply this answer by the numerator = 14 x 2 = 28


So, 2 fifths of 70 is 28.


Just be a bit careful with the later questions: they need you to do more than this and may require a little more thought. 





The answers to last week's Forces questions are available now. 


This week, I want you to make notes on The Digestive System: the link is below.


The Digestive System