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Mon 22nd June 2020



Read the pages from The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison, which I have provided for you. If you do not have a printer, you will have to read this off the screen.  But you may have to rotate the image to read it. 


This is the beginning of Chapter Six.


You should look up the meanings of any words you do not know.  


In any case, make sure you know the meanings of the following words:


1) recluse

2) incessantly

3) ranted

4) sombre

5) grated (in the context of the text; nothing about cheese please!)

6) unperturbed

7) haughty

8) wholeheartedly

9) retrieve

10) extravagances 

11) neglected


Also learn the spellings.  You will be tested on these words on Friday. 




Find the areas and perimeters of the rectangles and triangles.


If you cannot remember the difference between area and perimeter, or how to calculate them, look it up! 




Your afternoon work, all week, is to read your copy  of Boy 87 by Ele Fountain.


You should make sure you have read the entire book by the end of the week.  You are advised to make notes on each chapter after you finish it.


This will make the work on the  novel a lot easier, when you come to do it next week. 


IMPORTANT: If you finish - read it again. You need to be familiar with this text. 


I hope you enjoy the story.  But, and this is important, you must read it even if you do NOT like it at all.  This book has been chosen for you read as a transition project.


In secondary school, and beyond, you will have to do a lot of reading.  Sometimes you will enjoy that reading.  Sometimes you will not.  But you'll still have to do it!