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Mon 29th June 2020



Start the work on Boy87, as was delivered to you by either myself or Miss Hollies.


All the English work from now will be based on the novel and the pack you were given.





LO: to understand ratio and proportion (revision, mostly)

Watch the YouTube video linked below. 

Make notes as you go.

There are some questions to answer in the video.

Stop the video when you get to these and answer them in your book, or on paper.


The better you make notes, the  easier you shall find tomorrow's work -  more questions on ratio.


Ratio and Proportion Video


Once you've worked through the video, check your answers. 





It was this day, 13 years ago that the first ever Apple iphone went on sale in the USA.  It cost $500, which is the equivalent of £500 today.


Technology has changed a lot since I was at school. And I have no doubt it will change a lot by the time you are my age.


Have a go at the Tech History quiz.  You'll probably have to search the Web for the answers.  But, before you do, see if you can work with your parents and get the right answers without looking them up! 


Tomorrow's task will be tech-oriented as well.  To get in the mood for that, I want you to think of all the functions a smartphone has.  How many can you think of?