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Mon 8th June 2020

As you are probably aware, some children in Y6 will be back in class this week.


For that reason, today has been used as a training day, for teachers to prepare for those children.


Therefore, there is no work set for today.


However, I can give you some idea of what you will be set for the coming days.


In Maths, we shall use the next 5 weeks or so to revise as much of the Y6 curriculum as we can - to get you Y7 ready.  We will be starting right at the beginning, with place value.


In English we shall start the half term with traditional tales.  This should last a fortnight, or perhaps three weeks.


The third topic will vary: those in school will be doing some PSHCE work around transition. 


Those still on home learning will do some of this, but may get some other topic based activities to complete.