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Monday 11th May


You should have a version of Macbeth, which you write last week.

Have a re-read.  Can you spot any mistakes?  I have had a few emailed to me, so here is some advice on what to look out for:


  • Write the story in the past tense.
  • Remember that dialogue should start with a capital letter, and we change lines when we change speaker. 
  • Paragraph your work. 



At the heart of the Macbeth story is the idea of betrayal.

I want you to plan a story in which the main character betrays someone who trusts him/her. Like Macbeth, have an ending in which the bad guy loses! 

You will be using the rest of the week to write this story up.




A new topic for this week, which will be good preparation for KS3: probability.


No exercises today, just a video to watch and make notes on.  This is a completely new topic, so advise you to watch this with an adult or an older sibling if possible, so you can discuss what you learn.



Play a Game 


I imagine that many of you are spending rather more time on screen entertainment than is, perhaps, ideal.


So, I want you to play a board game. 


Now, some of you may not have a board game at home, so you can the link to Traffic Lights, a simple game you can make yourself using paper or card.  It is on a maths website, but don't worry - it's fun (or at least, I like it!).