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Monday 18th Jan 2021

Reading, and Information on Libraries


Do twenty minutes of independent free-choice reading.

If you have finished your book, and have nothing else to read, remember that Bradford Libraries are still open on an order-and-collect basis.

If you are not a member of Bradford Libraries, follow the link to their joining page (it's free, and you can borrow e-books and e-audiobooks as well). 

If you need further advice on services available from Bradford Libraries, please phone the public library nearest to your home.

The library nearest to school is Manningham Library, which can be contacted on 01274 435353.



The current English unit is on science fiction.

Do you know what science-fiction is?

Watch this video, which explains the genre of science fiction, or sci-fi: 

The story we shall be reading over the next fortnight is called "Jazz Harper - Space Explorer". It is attached, for download.

Follow this link to a teacher who will introduce the book to you, and read the first chapter out to you. The pages will also be displayed on screen, in case do not have access to a printer.

While reading and listening, make sure to pause the video when prompted - to give you time to answer the questions on the attached sheet (Jazz Harper -Sheet 1).

Make sure to complete the sheet, and to upload your responses to Tapestry.

Make sure to look up, and make note of, any words you do not know the meaning of.

I would also like you to draw and label an explorer's kit for an expedition to Mars. The attached Mars Info sheet includes some facts about Mars which should help you decide what you will need in your kit. You may, however, want to do some further research to learn more about conditions on the planet. Also give a reason, for each item in your kit, about why you included it. ****Pay particular attention to the banned list on p.12 of the story ****

This is an English lesson, not art, but better responses will take some time over the drawing of the kit - try to do your best work!

To finish off, re-read pp. 14 and 15 of the ebook again. Tomorrow's English will start off with some work on the article presented in those pages..


Starter - do you know how to add decimal numbers? Do you manage to get those marks in your arithmetic tests? IF so, just plough on ahead, and get on to the main activity.

If you do need some support with this, watch the following video: 

Main activity - finding fractions of amounts.

Watch the following video. Pause it and make notes as necessary. 

Complete the attached questions (p.67). Remember to show all your working out. Try and do section B; try section A if section B is too hard, or Section C if section B is too easy.

You can use a calculator for this work, to help you with multiplications and divisions. If your calculator has a percentage function please do NOT use it; I am interested in whether you know the correct method for calculating fractions and percentages, not in whether you can use a calculator.

Some of the questions mention percentages. These can be solved by translating the percentages into fractions. If you have forgotten how to do that, watch the following video: 

Some of you may want to solve the percentages questions using a decimals method. That is OK too, as long as you know to do that.


Read through the attached presentation, entitled Science 3 - Curious Creatures.

As you read through the slides, work through the sheets indicated (they can all be downloaded below).

It will help, a lot, if you are able work with someone (be that a sibling or an adult).

The Animal Characteristics Word Grid is provided to help you with vocabulary.

If you do not have access to a printer, then work in your book - use the same headings/subtitles etc as are on the sheets.

And remember to upload your work.

Times Tables and Spelling 


You need to practise your times tables - all of them!
Attached is a tables sheet which tests you on all 144 facts for the tables from 1 to 12.
Complete this, either on the sheet on in your book.
Time yourself if possible.
The answers are provided so you can mark your own. Please share your mark (and time) with me.

And remember to practise your spelling words; these were posted on Tapestry on Friday 15th January 2021.