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Monday 1st Feb 2021


Including today's reading task, you need to spend at least 40 minutes reading.

If the reading task takes less time than that, you must do some reading of a book of your own.

Reading Task: Read chapter 1 of Cole's Kingdom (attached).

Notice how the story starts in the middle of a journey - there are no paragraphs setting the scene or introducing characters. Instead, these aspects of the story are allowed to develop through the story. When you write your own stories, try to do something similar.

After reading the first chapter, write few sentences saying what happened. We do not need a lot of detail here - just the main points.

You will be doing this for every chapter, so you may want to leave some pages in your book for this.

Can you find the meanings of the following words from the chapter:

intricately (p.5)
weathered (p.5)
traipse (p.6)
uncarpeted (p.9)
smattering (p.10)

Hyphens are used several times in the chapter. For example, on p.14: high-pitched.

Do you know when to use hyphens? This video may help: 

Remember, don't just watch videos. Pause them, and make notes or discuss them with someone. If there is a word you don't understand the meaning of, look it up.



Today, you will be writing a letter of complaint.

First, look through the previous examples of formal letters you have been given. These will be included as hard copies in this week's delivery of home learning materials. These should be with you today. If you have not yet received them, just look back at attachments on last week's memos.

Think about what sort of features and language you would want to include in a letter of complaint. And remember - this is important - you can have these examples in front of you while you are doing today's work if that will help you.

Watch this video: 

The customer, let us call him David Crownfield, wants you to write a letter of complaint on his behalf to Slegg Lumber (address: 2901 Sooke Rd, Langford, British Columbia, Canada).
When you are doing this, you have to write as if you are David himself.

Write the letter.

After writing it, check it through for errors. Then get on with something else for at least 30 minutes.

Then come back to your work and see if you can spot any more mistakes or parts which could be improved.



Starter (10 minutes): revise how to plot co-ordinates. Watch the following video:  Pause and make notes as necessary.

Main (40 mins) : to be able to translate shapes on a co-ordinate grid. In maths, to translate a shape means to move it. Watch this video on how to perform translations: 

Then, complete section A, B or C from p.132 - Translations. This page is attached, and a copy is also in this week's learning pack. Please follow the instructions on the page carefully: you will have to draw the grids as asked. Make sure to use a ruler and a sharpened pencil.

Finisher (20 minutes) : see attached angles in triangles sheet.
You have to find the missing angle in each triangle. Can you remember how to do this? Look it up if you need to. The answers have been provided - but in the wring order! You have to match the answer to the triangle.


PE and RE

Remember to do today's RE and PE work, as set by Mrs I Hussain and Mr C Swales.