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Monday 1st March 2021

Reading ( 1 hour)

Read chapters 11 and 12 of Anders Arnfield, and answer the questions.


English ( 1 hour)


Read the attached text on 10 ways to save the planet.

Answer the questions. There are two versions - A and B. Version A is easier than Version B,

Try version B first; if it is too difficult, try version A instead.

If you have time left, do some private reading of your own.



Starter - 15 minutes. Complete the attached times table test. Mark your own, and make sure to take note of the time it took you.

Main: 45 minutes. Have a look at the attached sheets on 3d shapes. Learn the information on these sheets. You should do this however you wish. The best way will involve testing yourself - or getting someone else to test you.

You should be able to draw a shape on being given its name, and be able to list its features.

If you have straws, you can use them to make models of some of the shapes.



Afternoon Work - PE and RE


Complete the work set by Mr Swales and Mrs Hussain.