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Monday 23rd of March

1. Draw or paint a rainbow (copy the one on your hoodie or jumper).  Place it in a window in your home, so that when your friends are out getting some fresh air; they know that a friend from school lives there!

2. Practice skipping forwards!  With your skipping rope practice for 5 minutes four times today.  Ask a family member for tips on how to improve!

3. Maths: with the three digits 1 2 3 , how many 2 digit numbers can you make?  If you can do that, how many 3 digit numbers can you make? 

Can you put them in size order form the fewest to the most?

4. Read to a family member for 10 minutes and then talk about what it is you have just read. 

5. Go on the live webcams at Edinburgh Zoo   


I know it's not the same as actually being there, but it's the next best thing!

Mrs Hussain, Mrs Bi, Miss Mehmood and I are sending you are lovebecause we're missing you guys!

See you soon!

Mrs Sykes and Eric!