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Monday 30th of March

Good Morning,

Here's today's Daily 5


1. Read for 10 - 20 minutes with an adult or an older member of the family.  Then leave it half an hour before talking about it.  This will mean that you will have to remember what it is you have  read.

2. Map drawing; imagine that you are sat on a high shelf in your living room.  Could you draw a map of where the furniture is.  Remember all that you would be able to see would be the top of the furniture.  Try to keep the sizes in relationships with the size of the room.

3. Test yourself on these questions:

How many hours in a day?

How many minutes in an hour?

How many seconds in a minute?

If you know these already; 

How many hours in 2 days?

How many minutes in 2 hours?

How many seconds in 2 minutes?

4. How many sit-ups can you do?  Repeat this an hour later, can you beat your score? How about later on - do you keep getting better?

5. Build a den, this use to be one of my favourite activities.  Grab some sheets, blankets, some pegs maybe a washing line or a clothes horse - check with an adult first what you can use.  Use existing furniture to get you started and enjoy!


Enjoy Mrs S