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Monday 8th Feb 2021

Reading and Spelling (1 hr)

Spend at least 40 minutes reading.

First, read Cole's Kingdom Chapter 6.
Make sure you know the meanings of the following words:

hessian (p.78)
rickety (p.78)
meagre (p.79)
ruddy (p.79 )
rapt (p.82)
clamoured (p.85)

Write a summary for chapter 6.

If you still have time, do some private reading.

Spend twenty minutes learning and revising spellings.
You can do this with words from the spelling lists or from your reading.


English (1 hour)

For today, I want you to think about the two science fiction stories you have read: Jazz Harper and Julian Jones.

Think about what you liked best about those stories. Try and use similar ideas in the story you are going to plan today.

Think about a futuristic invention, - one which has not been invented yet.

Possible inventions include: a time machine; a teleporter; a shrink ray.

You need to plan a story which involves someone using the invention and something going wrong.

Use the following headings to plan your story:


I also want you to write a character description for the main character (who can be male or female, and of any age).

Write their physical characteristics and details about their personalities . Also note down any habits they may have. For example, does your character also interrupt others? Is your character very brave? Foolhardy perhaps? Perhaps they are nervous? Cowardly? Intelligent, but unreliable?

It is up to you. But when you write about your character, write in as much detail as possible. You might want to add some backstory: what sort of life has your character has up to now? For example. did they have a really happy life, with lots of fun times? Or did they have a hard time at school? How does this affect their behaviour now?

The more you understand your character, the better you will be able to write their story.

This is a very important part of the planning process, and it is not easy. But try hard at it, and I am sure you will find it useful.

If you have the time, you can add a picture of your character.



Complete the three sets of Starter Problems (30 minutes) . These are not easy; they may take longer than thirty minutes.

If necessary, just spend less time on the main activity.

Main: algebra sheet (second two step problems sheet).

Where answers are provided, remember to mark your own work,

And share work on Tapestry please.


RE,PE, and another cooking challenge


This week's cooking challenge is to cook something sweet.

This can be a baking project or something different. Rice pudding perhaps? Sweet rice? Even a fruit salad would be fine.

Remember to have some adult supervision.

Today's afternoon work is PE and RE, as set my Mr Swales and Mrs Hussain.